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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Ok here's a follow up question, how many people do you all know who are now familiar with Bane since TDKR?
On both follow-ups, belated I know, I can say I only knew him for Knightfall originally, hence my stronger opinion of him than some pre-TDKR.

For the future, I hope to see him get the mask he has from TDKR and a similar costume (though not necessarily identical) in the comics. I think Bane's biggest weakness in the books has been his boring look. The pro-wrestler get-up is why so many write him off as a C-lister with a gimmick and never realize he is quite a brilliant tactician in his own right. I hope Nolan has remindd comic writers that Bane can be a genius if written that way.

That and the mask change will do away with the wrestler jokes. My thoughts.

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