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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - Part 11

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
has this been posted yet? Apparently RDJ is going to be in Beijing from April 4-6 for the IM3 official premiere on Aril 6. An audience will be seeing this baby in less than 5 days!
Not says he'll be launching a promo blitz on April 6, not premiering the movie. They *speculate* in the blurb that it might debut at the Beijing Film Festival later this month (Apr 16-23), but state that there's no official release date for IM3 in China yet.

Originally Posted by Superwhat View Post
Not sure if you guys have done this before but I took a screenshot from the trailer and enhanced it enough to try and make out the armors. We pretty much know them all except for the black and red one. Any guesses?

Deadpool armor, of course


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