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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I'd swear Paul Dini has something against him.
Yeah, from what I heard he was never too big a fan of the character. I think they were kind of pressured to use him in BTAS due to the popularity of Knightfall at the time. He did give him a pretty badass cameo in Over the Edge though.

In other news, Bane is going to be in the upcoming Talon #7. Looks like they've incorporated the armor look, but still no change with the mask. Here's the cover:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

The panel then showed the new cover to "Talon" #7 where the gatefold cover reveals that the person who has defeated Talon at the Court of Owls' request is Bane. "It's going to blow your mind what happens with Bane," Snyder said. Tynion added that the story will spin out of his work on the backup for "Detective Comics" #19.

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