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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

No, it's called lazy writing. You don't learn a thing about Bruce Wayne from watching the Joker.
Tim Burton explains it better in one of the commentaries.

Yeah all those riddles Joker sent Batman in TDK. Totally Riddler like. Joker is ALWAYS ahead of Batman. That's one reason why he's his greatest villain. Here I'll give you a very accessible example for you to check out yourself:

It's all about the first encounter Batman and Gotham have with the Joker, and Batman is completely overwhelmed by him, Joker is always one step ahead of Batman and the Cops, the city is thrown into chaos and fear of him, just like in TDK.

As Batman said in BTAS; "Normal criminals usually have logical motives. But the Joker's insane schemes make sense to him alone. That's why he's so unpredictable".
Again, you'll point out one or two comics from a character with a 70+ year history..

Joker has not always been obsessed with Batman, trying to prove a point against him. That seems Riddler-like to me. Always trying to outsmart Batman with his schemes, and prove himself superior.

Joker doesn't have a point, he just commits crimes at random, which is why he is such a dangerous foe.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
How was the Joker anything like the Riddler in Dark Knight?

I don't remember riddles, I don't remember him being OCD and trying to outwit Batman (he did that naturally and pretty easily). Don't remember The Joker being obsessed with puzzles and riddles and having a sense of a superiority complex?

Riddler robbed banks in clown gear to rile up the mob? Riddler put smiles on public officials he didn't like? Riddler went from wanting to kill Batman to wanting to be his play buddy that he could never kill? Riddler strapped bombs so Batman had to choose between the two for an emotional/moral dilemma? Was there a riddle or puzzle that I'm forgetting that the ferries had to solve in order to solve?

I don't see how he was the Joker, unless you're stuck on the mind games/situations had in the film. But I can assure you, a Riddler mind game/situation would be completely different with a different MO and motive.

The Riddler battles Batman and Gotham because he thinks he's better, smarter and superior. The Joker battles Batman because he's fun and everything he's not (other than a freak).
It's straight from the horse's mouth - Nolan himself about why he couldn't use Riddler in TDKR.. (I can't find the quote, but it's out there somewhere).

Apparently the studio wanted the Riddler, and the Riddler was in the original draft, but in the end he decided not to use the Riddler. Why? Because he had already covered that ground in TDK.

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