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Default Re: Madame Hydra in the MCU...

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
So you want to split Viper and Madame Hydra into two characters and put them into different movies? That sounds pointless at best and horribly confusing at worst. What would be the difference between Viper and Madame Hydra anyway, if its the same character twice with a different name, it seems really pointless to split the two.

Who would be confused? Definitely not anyone in the GA, especially for such an obscure character to start with. It won't be the same character in the MCU and Fox Universes. However pointless you may think it is, it's the easiest route to go unless the two studios somehow see eye-to-eye and choose to have her character be in both movies.

And I'm not saying what I want, I'm saying what the most logical outcome out of this situation will be.

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