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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Batman Returns didn't make as much money as they wanted either. They didn't kill the franchise right then and there. Even with the backlash it got. As for critical reaction, since when has that ever stopped movie companies from making sequels lol? The amount of movies, comic book and non comic book ones that have had sequels to movies that were panned by critics is astronomical.

Being a Batman brand name didn't make it instant success. Batman and Robin is proof of that.
It made more than double its budget back worldwide. Keep in mind it had the biggest budget of all the Batman films up until that time. Just go look at boxofficemojo and see for yourself.

As for the critical reaction, that's just what I heard. You're right in that a movie doesn't have to win over the critics to be successful. That's a whole debate in itself, right there. I think critics can have some influence, though.

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