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Default Re: Does anyone have the Marvel's "phase one" Box Set?

Originally Posted by Intouch View Post

SPOILER BEGINS!!!!!!!! OK, if you don't care anything about figuring this out on your own, here's the skinny. In the black folder, you will find a sheet titled Item 47 Recovered. Now take your little lenticular sheet thingy and line it up with the two images in the upper left and lower right corners. Through the little windows you will now be able to read the message that tells you where to go to input this code. When you get to the site put the code in, fill out the information, and a 5 minute preview begins of Phase 2 of the Avengers Universe. Let's just say, we're in for a FANTASTIC next couple of years with some AWESOME looking movies. I'm sure there will be more on this site later on, but that's about all there is at this point...................
OK, SPOILER ENDS.....................
What's in the preview???

1) Man of Steel 2) Thor 2 3) The Wolverine 4) Pacific Rim 5) Iron Man 3 6) Oblivion 7) Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 8) Ender's Game 9) Beautiful Creatures 10) After Earth
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