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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Well, there you go.
It's no longer even a question, then: the IG already exists in the MCU, and is currently housed in Odin's Treasury. So the "gathering of the Gems" saga is already off the table.
Not necessarily. If Marvel chooses to go the 'Assembling of the IG' route for the major theme of GoTG, Odin's Vault could be said to house only the gauntlet, minus the gems. Or possibly, a couple of, but not all the gems.

I proposed an outline for GoTG in another thread in the GoTG section, that I thought would make for a nice little storyline:


On Thanos’ Backstory
Big. Purple. Scarier-than-Hell. Completely insane. Obsessed with Death. Carry on.

Star-Lord’s Origin
Take Star Lord’s origin from the GOTG 0.1 Marvel Now comic. Though we don’t need to delve into his ‘birth’ origin till later in the movie. As Mr. Dent mentioned, a version of the Marvel Preview #4 backstory could be tweaked enough to fit the movie.

Drax / Gamora
I like the idea of not making Drax human. In fact, I love the idea of Drax and Gamora being of the same species. Too many of Marvel’s cosmic folks have (somewhat) redundant Earth-bound origins. Also, explains their peculiar shade of green.

I wouldn’t, however, make them father and daughter though since that could possibly diminish a possible Moondragon storyline. I’m also not sure how a dad/daughter dynamic would play out on the team... Drax’s to-do list: (a) Kill Thanos (b) Tell idiot daughter to put some clothes on!

Plot Overview
I would actually make the plot akin to the IG series, where Thanos is going around the galaxy collecting the Infinity Gems, but in this version, it’s the Guardians running around attempting to stop him from completing the gauntlet.

Act I – Quill on Earth / Star Lord in the Galaxy
Covered above.

Act II – Destruction of Gamora’s and Drax’s Homeworld (about 15 years in the past)
It’s pretty much an idyllic day on Zen-Whoberi (had to look that one up ) when Thanos attacks and rains fire and brimstone on the planet and utterly destroys it, along with Drax and his family. Thanos also adopts a young Zen-Whoberian (Gamora) as a lark.

Now, the reason behind Thanos’ attack is that a cosmic entity (pick anyone from Marvel’s ledger) holds one of the Infinity Gems and is hiding out on the planet disguised as a common Zen-Whoberian. Said cosmic entity, with his/her dying breath, resurrects Drax granting him terrible power and singular purpose.

Act III – GoTG!
Drax, Gamora, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Sapling Groot somehow meet up and come to the conclusion that Thanos must be stopped… admittedly I haven’t fleshed this part out fully.

Due to some misunderstanding (possibly a ruse perpetrated by Thanos) the Guardians are thought to be criminals and are pursued by the Nova Corps. So the Guardians are being chased across the galaxy, pursued by the Corps, while in parallel trying to thwart Thanos’ gem-stealing shenanigans.

Act IV – Showdown
Nova and co. finally figure out that Thanos is actually the villain and team up with the Guardians to take down Thanos. Thanos deploys his minions to battle the Nova Corps while he tackles the GoTG himself. Hey, the movie's title is GoTG, not Nova and the GoTG.

Epic battle ensues.

Act V - Consclusion
Drax comes close to killing Thanos, but not quite. The IG is assembled. Star Lord merely says, “we failed” and sends out a signal to Earth since they somehow come to know that Earth is central to Thanos’ subsequent plans. It now becomes clear that the GoTG plot was running alongside the events of IM3, and that this was the signal that Stark received at the end of IM3.

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