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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Kalel_Angel View Post
I found the costume on this image similar to MOS's one, especially at the level of the wrists, the height of the boots ( the missing shorts ).

and the belt (which looks a lot like Superman Flyby's one):

If you take a look at the Burton version of the suit worn by Nicolas Cage you can see that the wrists look marked and resemble to MOS suit's ones:

As far as Superman Flyby project is concerned, I wanted to share this picture who came out lately ( to whoever hasn't seen it yet ). I think that the design is really well done.
There are obviously similarities, but it's the the differences that make all those suits look horrible to me and the current one look amazing.

First image - Suit goes up the neck, and has no cape, and I don't like the big gold circular belt thingys. I think the one small circular thing on the current suit looks a lot better.

Second image - One of the better designs, but I dont like the way the cape goes up the neck, the blue boots, or the design of the 's' sheild over the MOS one.

Third image - The plasticy material is ridiculously hideous, especially the crotch.

Fourth image - Again, don't like the plasticy material, prefer the MOS sheild, and the lines on it remind me of the New 52 suit.

Basically the MOS suit has taken all the designs and cut out everything that made them not work.

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