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Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I have a friend whose subscribed to SFX and he told me in the new issue its saying the next one (which will be released in May) is a Man of Steel special.
SFX? I don't think they ever get any exclusives do they? Usually they have what has already been released. And May? Yeah, I'm sure we'll get a bunch of magazine issues in May.

And moving on, I don't see why some say MOS shouldn't market itself in April in order not to compete with IM3. Makes no sense. So in early May they shouldn't because of STID? In mid-late May because of FF6 and TH? Jeez, they best not promote it at all! MOS shouldn't run and hide. They should show why it's going to take all those films and slap them silly. If the movie can't do that, well then I'll be disappointed either way! TDKR had it's first TV spot 2 months from release. MOS shouldn't be too far behind from that schedule. We'll know soon...

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