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Default Re: Does anyone have the Marvel's "phase one" Box Set?


1. CATWS. Glad to see that WS is conceptually identical to his comic-book counterpart, minus the domino mask. Strange to see Steve out of costume, but I'm getting a "Nomad" story arc vibe from the movie anyway.

2. ???? Some posters on CBM think TDW, some think GOTG. Either is possible; but I'm thinking Ant-Man, even though Ant-Man is officially Phase III instead of Phase II. Reason being: the HUD overlay in the lower right over the one guy with some kind of gun and the group of 4 (5?) people suggests to me something like a miniaturization taking place there. Weird looking place, though....definitely looks alien enough for GOTG or Thor. FAR more science-fictiony than fantasy.

3. GOTG: ICARUS! Beautiful. And I know it's still wishful thinking, but I really think the smaller ship beneath Icarus looks like a Nova Corps cruiser of some kind....

4. GOTG: Star Wars cantina scene! Gamora looks pretty weird there, with some kind of trihawk hairstyle going on. Skin's a little bluish rather than green; maybe they're suggesting some Kree lineage in her...? Anybody's guess as to what Quill is holding in his hand, but that's most likely the "thing everybody in the universe wants" that they've mentioned in story descriptions for the movie. Could be a Gem; little small to be yet another Cube. Who knows.

What's most interesting to me in #4, though, is the two human guys at the table with the Guardians. Looks like Ming the Merciless with plumber's crack, and Noodle from Gorillaz. They seem to be "guests" of the Guardians there; maybe trading for whatever Quill's got in his hand. Odd to see more humans in space, though: could it be possible that Quill doesn't just cross space, but time as well? Might be in the 31st century after all...


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