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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Let's put the IM3 "deep space S.O.S." rumor on hold for now. So far, the "Gemini" armor (actual name for it) seems to be used only for the climactic "Iron Legion" battle in IM3, and the recent official write-up on the Gemini armor shows it as an orbital space suit, not a deep space one. (Not to mention there's the "little" problem of FTL travel that hasn't been invented yet in the MCU to occasion a true deep space armor.) Until someone can actually confirm there's a GOTG tie-in at the end of IM3, I'm sending that particular rumor to the "shenanigans" backburner.

Also, regarding the Gauntlet: people have theorized that the one in Odin's treasury doesn't have the actual gems, or might be missing one or two. The actual screenshot says otherwise, of course --- they're all there, glowing nice and magically and all that --- plus, it makes no sense for Odin to put a powerless Gauntlet on display. The Cask was definitely fully powered, so it's perfectly reasonable to assume that everything else in Odin's toy box works as advertised, too.

And my counter-theory for Thanos and the IG in the MCU: Thanos has been after the Gauntlet in Odin's Treasury all along. He merely manipulated Loki (Loki didn't realize it at the time) into a failed battle for Earth, which resulted in the Cube being returned to Asgard. With the Cube in Asgard, Thanos now has the "in" to Odin's Treasury that he was after all along....i.e., he used the attack on Earth as just a ruse. He wanted Loki to lose, so that the Cube would be returned to Asgard to open up that cosmic avenue into the Treasury.


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