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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Don't understand that. All they have to do is get it to look exactly like that in the movie and there will be no problem. Don't see how it looking "smooth" will make that an issue.
I know that's all they have to do lol, I'm just saying I don't know how they would accomplish it because I've never seen metal layers like that look that smooth on each other on screen before. Although I just went back an looked at Destroyer and it comes close.

Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
Probably a similar way they do Thor's scale sleeves.
Hmm, yeah. Looking at Destroyer, they could do it like that too.

Originally Posted by James_Smith View Post
CGI probably.
I'd think they'd want to make it practical. Although I suppose some action scenes would have to be in CGI for it to have impact.

Originally Posted by PyroChamber View Post
Is it me or does it look like WS is wearing a mask covering the lower part of his face.
Yes, he does. It's their substitue for the domino eye mask.

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