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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
I thought this was standard knowledge among Batman fans
You think a lot of things are are untrue. Like I said you are the most mis-informed poster ever to tread these forums.

but hey, you learn something every day right?
Not from that link you don't. Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul etc are not learning pieces for Batman's personality. The logic behind these is even funnier:

"What about Mr. Freeze? This is a criminal that uses a freeze gun on people. How could he have any similarities to Batman? Mr. Freeze devoid of emotions. Again, he suffered tragedy when his wife became ill and he lost everything that mattered. Batman rarely shares his emotions with others. If Batman didn't allow himself to interact with those in the Bat Family, he could easily become as cold as Mr. Freeze. "

LOL! So by watching Mr. Freeze we're supposed to know this would be Batman if he had nobody to interact with? Priceless.

That he was always steps ahead of Batman?

From Riddler's first comic appearance
Yes, that he's always ahead of Batman. Read Joker's first appearance Batman #1 since you're linking some golden age Riddler appearance. The Joker out smarts, out wits, and even out FIGHTS Batman right to the end. He even manages to kidnap Robin, too.

Well you're saying the Joker should always be a step ahead of Batman. That sounds like a match of wits to me.
Of course it's a match of wits. Of a different kind. Riddler challenges Batman to find him and stop his crimes by telling him what he's up to via riddles. He tests his intelligence against his own.

Joker doesn't do that.

Studio execs had strongly suggested that the Riddler be the film's primary villain but filmmakers felt the character too derivative. The filmmakers ultimately decided to use Bane as they felt he was strikingly different than the Joker from the previous movie.
Nolan had the final say on what villain to use, not the studio execs. He didn't want Riddler, he wanted Bane for the reasons I quoted.

So I don't know what youre trying to prove there.

Ok. I thought he just does them because he is Joker. That his crimes make sense to him and him alone. Which kind of negates us being able to comprehend them.
Again you're completely mis-informed. Joker's schemes are only logical to him. That's what that means. We know what he's trying to do, it's just that what he tries to do is insane.

That's what Batman means when he says normal criminals have logical motives. Joker's are not logical. They are illogical, but not incomprehensible.

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