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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
Okay, I couldn't check everything out, but from what I could see there was "Unfortunately" very little phase 2 products included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Box Set. I did not even recieve the 4 pieces of Production Art that released today, which was rumored as being included in the set. So, unless it is hidden somewhere's I don't see it. I was hoping the disc with Shield Initiative would contain something, but from what I can tell it seems dedicated to Phase one material. Once again there could be something I am missing or maybe even something hidden, but don't see anything there. I checked a few of the normal discs "Captain America", "Thor" and "Marvel's The Avengers" and mostly everything from what I can see looks packed with phase one material, but once again not seeing anything on phase 2. About the only thing taking place after the Avengers I saw was a one shot on the Avengers disc called "Item 47" and what is interesting about this One Shot to me is that the Shield Agents discuss
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Coulson as if they also think he is dead, stating that they will "Miss Him", and it's interesting since we know that he will be returning to the SHIELD TV Show that is supposed to take place after the Avengers
So, really from what I can tell there is very little Phase 2 products included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Box Set from what I can tell. So, in all a bit disappointing on that front, but the Phase One Material included is really cool and I needed to get all of these on Blue Ray anyways so I can't say I am disatisfied with the purchase anyways. However, if someone is buying it to obtain extra phase 2 content, unfortuntately I would say from what I can see so far this looks to be a pass.

From what it sounds like from someone that posted on IMDB, you have to do a little digging to find how to access the Phase 2 material. Assuming this person is correct...(spoiler for those that want to figure it out themselves)
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MCU Phase One DVD Set - Phase Two Easter Egg found!

MCU Phase One DVD Set - Phase Two Easter Egg found!
by quintoesque 3 hours ago (Tue Apr 2 2013 08:37:44)
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I figured out how to unlock the bonus material and personally? There's some awesome Phase Two bonus footage. Lots more Iron Man 3 stuff that we haven't seen before, Thor 2 footage, and some Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxies concept art.

Use that decoder thingy you got in that SHIELD Confidential black envelope and go to the SHIELD folder and it's the briefing on Item 47 page. Line up the pictures on that page with the pictures on the decoder and it'll give you a website to put in that access code you get on the SHIELD card.

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