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Default Re: Who saw the original movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by DarbyD53 View Post
I remember standing in line opening day to see it and I remember how packed the theater was. I was 8 at the time. To this day that was the longest line I've waited in for a movie. I wish I could go back to that day and know exactly what I felt watching it and feel the excitment again.

The 2nd time I saw it in theater wasn't as pleasent of a memory. My father was a bit of a drinker so from time to time mom and I would leave the house and go stay somewhere over night. Usually my grandma's or something but for some reason we went to town and got a hotel room. But before we did she took me to see TMNT again and when we left bought me a new TMNT coloring book and crayons to keep me something to do in the hotel room.

I also remember the day I saw it in a store to buy. We thought there was no way it could be out on VHS yet, thought it was a scam so we didn't get it, but then we got home (35 miles away from town) and told my Dad and he gave us the money to get get it and KFC chicken bucket meal which back then was like hitting jackpot for a 8 year old.
Yes TMNT is one of the best movie going experiences of my life and wasn't it cool Jim Henson was involved with the film?

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