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Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
Two trailers, two posters, and two magazine spreads is laughably bad? I guess we should go the Marvel route and just blitzkerg everyone with interviews, trailers, extended trailers that pretty much spoil the goddamn movie.

Are we forgetting who's producing this thing? Do we not remember the marketing for Rises. For Inception?
Everyone is guilty of the blitz. Lest we forget GreenLantern, and or the sheer amount of TV spots all these films have on average.

Inception brings up a great point. Word of mouth is a powerful force, and people who keep guessing humble figures for Box Office maybe should look over to inception. I don't even think that film opened big.
But it sure ended that way.

"A man named Hal Jordan was recruited 45 years ago into the Lantern core, flight testing in the midst of the Viet war. He hasn't returned to the relatively measured as primitive earth since. Upon his return from what could be considered hell, the weathered soldier and man out of time has short trimmed grey hair, scars, and a warning of a looming threat that motivated his return to his home planet. He's also surprised and weary to see a Kryptonian on Earth"
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