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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
What would you have done differently?
As I've described, its all about continual presence and buildup. Spoiling the film is not required. Having posters and banners in theatres, creating some action-heavy trailers and spots, and some more promo pics would go a long way. These things should be staggered out over a long period of time to keep people talking and to give MOS a constant media presence on websites and whatnot. Again, film excitement is not a last minute thing, it is all about buildup, and this is something studios have understood for a long time.

I'm sure WB will produce a last-minute blitz and folks like J. Howlett will be happy with that. Okay, great. But it won't have the same effect that a huge buildup has. It will have the effect of "initial interest." Last minute saturation doesn't equate with long-term investment.

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