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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by HUMANIMAL View Post
someone has to clarify this for me...nick fury is the director of shield...a head of a company is higher ranked isnt it? so fury is just the one for organising missions and the war tactitian while robert redford has to deal with the politic aspects and stuff ...could this be something along those lines??
Depends on how SHIELD works. If it's like the CIA, then usually the Director IS the Head.

But even the Director of Central Intelligence reports to the Director of National Intelligence. And then there are various directors within the CIA like the Director of Operations, who does the every day running of things I think. So it really depends how SHIELD is set up, and what exactly Nick Fury is. Is he THE Director of SHIELD or is he just some kind of Director of Operations?

Would the very top Director of SHIELD get involved in the running of operations like Fury does?

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