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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by TheLastAvenger View Post
When those bits of casting news are all you hear about a movie for over a year, it creates the illusion that the cast is "bloated." But we have no idea how big of a role any of these characters are going to play. Iron Man 3, for example, its casting was setting up as if there were a whole bunch of baddies. Now, it appears more and more likely it will focus on Mandarin and the rest of the roles are just henchmen. I can't imagine things being much different with CA:TWS. Some roles may end up being smaller than we'd like, while others may end up being much larger than we expect. I'm sure it will balance out in the end, however.
And it's not the movie is going to be told through each of the characters' eyes. The movie will be seen through CA's POV and his interactions with these roles.

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