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Default Re: Iron Man Hall of Armors

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
He didnt really go toe to toe, even at 400% it was clear, in terms of strength, that thor was a decent amount stronger.

I'd say, as of now

Cap: 1 Ton
Ironman: 10 Tons
Thor: 25-30 Tons
Hulk: 35-50

You don't know how fast Thor can fly. We haven't seen it much, we say him go from up in the clouds, down to a mountain in a matter of seconds. His brief flight in his solo movie.

Ironman is more versatile. But given the nature of thor, and the hammer, I would be willing to bet, in terms of flight top speed, like, strait...speed, that thor would be significantly faster. Thats what I assumed
I'm willing to rephrase what I said to "faster and much more versatile..." being able to change direction faster, and now (with the jetpacks) being able to use his weaponry mid-flight.

The fact that we haven't seen Thor's flight to be very impressive leads me to believe that it's not something they want us to see as very impressive. That, and by his first legitimate attempt at manned flight, Iron Man was flying speeds exceeding supersonic. Meaning with a perfected arc reactor he's likely flying substantially faster and by IM3 (with the mk40) he's got a suit that travels at hypervelocity.

Thor on the other hand, throws Mjolnir and holds on to fly. Meaning that the more power he puts into that initial throw, the faster he should technically go. Essentially his flight speed could be directly translated from his lift speed and then just after the initial point of lift, his velocity would inevitably begin to decline. Unlike Iron Man's who can continue to accelerate based on the power reserves of his arc reactor. Thor can't continue to throw while in mid air. So it is all based on that first throw and then it all comes down to the amount of force he exerts based on that 30 tons you believe he can lift. At this point I'd let math take over, but that's a task I'll leave to more interested minds.

Despite what most choose to wish, Thor's power seems to be overtly nerfed in the MCU. Not to say that he is weak, (or even weaker than Iron Man) Hulk has had a similar treatment. But in many ways I think it will be great for the characters. Being that, physical challenges such as Kurse, Surtur and the Midgard Serpent will actually be a challenge and not a slice of fluffy yellow cake.

NOW, that is not to say my word is final on the matter. Because frankly, Thor has barely had any action compared to the other Avengers. It's like they are deliberately keeping his power levels ambiguous. Perhaps testing the waters to see how strong the general audience wants Thor to be. IDK.

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