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Default Re: Madame Hydra in the MCU...

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
That assuming Marvel bothers to use Madame Hydra, considering Red Skull is the leader of Hydra in the movies and he has almost nothing to do with them in the comics, they could have a bunch of characters who have nothing to do Hydra in the comics be Hydra agents in the movies. That makes more sense then trying to split Viper/Madame Hydra into two characters and put them in different movies. What would be the difference between Viper and Madame Hydra? It just seems silly to try to present her as two different characters and put her in two different movies.

Viper is (seemingly) a snakelike mutant, has blonde hair, uses toxins, is not connected to Hydra at all.

Madame Hydra will not be a mutant, will have black or green hair, won't use toxins, and will be connected to Hydra, also she will have never met Wolverine and will be connected to Cap's world instead.

They would not be the same characters in the movie universes.

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