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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
I highly doubt Marvel does this but in the comics, Falcon has the ability to see through the eyes of multiple birds. He can literally search an entire city in a matter of minutes because of That would definitely be something new even though i'm not sure how the hell they'd make that work cinematically.

And it would be cool to have a little diversity in the Avengers. Lets be honest, it was a pretty white-washed film
I highly doubt they will do this either. But for a slightly more realistic spin, they could have him as a bird trainer (comic-accurate) and have him attach mechanisms to several birds throughout the city. Through which he could see through the Google Glass goggles he's wearing in all that pretty concept art.

Originally Posted by Joss Whedon
Yeah [Coulson]ís dead. The entire television series is just a fever dream. Itís a Jacobís Ladder moment heís having at the point of death...
= Jeremy Piven for Bullseye? A thousand times yes. =
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