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Default Re: What's your worst fear regarding MOS?

My worst fears:

1. There is a scene in which Clark walks away from helping someone because he doesn't want to be a hero (ala Spiderman 2).
2. There is any indication that the only reason he is Superman is cause his father tells him to/because it's his destiny
3. There are no scenes showing his lightness/sense of humour/love for life and he spends the entire movie being pensive and serious
4. He kills a living being, accidentally or on purpose.
5. Lois is too nice (weird one, but if this woman doesn't have an edge to her then it's just not Lois Lane )
6. Too much cgi, and badly done (I keep thinking of Sucker Punch. As much as I liked the film, I didn't like a lot of the cgi )
7. Michael Shannon's performance will be diluted because of the overuse of cgi costumes for his character
8. There is a nano tech or other weird explanation for his suit fitting under the clothes and/or there is some tech that changes his appearance when he puts on the glasses.
9. Henry Cavill's performance or accent is jarringly bad
10. I think the movie is incredible, both as a Superman fan and a movie goer in general - but it gets horribly unfair slating reviews and a terrible box office

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