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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
yeah the neck fabric and the covered ears killed the cowl in Avengers
but I still hate the chinstrap from TFA, so I'm a no on that one too
This would be my perfect cowl/helmet for Cap:

It covers the neck and exposes the chin like The Avengers suit, but the neck area is also a lot cleaner. The ears are still covered, but it doesn't bulge out. And the overall aesthetics are just plain pleasing to the eye.

I'd keep the body of The Avengers suit relatively the same. I'd tweak the colors a tiny bit to give them a darker tint. The suit could also use a little texture. Add the back star and complete the stripes all the way around to the back. I also lkke the blue belt, I'd just make it slightly darker than the blue of the rest of the suit.

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