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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post

Owain Yeoman for Captain Britain
Credited Name Owain Yeoman
Gender Male
Birthday July 2, 1978
Hometown Chepstow, Wales
Country United Kingdom
As Seen on the Mentalist

Just give him blond hair.

Also, I could see Captain Britain being England's response to America's booming superheroes.
Maybe he has been doing this stuff in secret for England and MI13 for years already but now with the Avengers
they decided to make him the very public face of England and he isn't comfortable with that.
Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Rupert Penny Jones is still my top pick if they ever cast a Captain Britain but I doubt they will anytime soon.

A cameo apperance in Thor Dark World would of been cool seeing as its set in the UK and features other magical based characters. They could of had Brian Braddock as a student at Greenwich university working with Selvig, Darcy and Jane.
I like both of these ideas....Damm you Marvel for not doing these!!

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