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Default Re: What's your worst fear regarding MOS?

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
It's a legitimate worry... cause people don't tend to 'get' Superman in the mainstream audience
That's what I'm hoping Cavill and Snyder can change.

Also regarding Nolan getting credited by people where he shouldn't, if it gets more people in to see the movie, who cares? As long as it puts more bums on seats. Hell WB might even be sort've playing into this a bit. I guarantee they'll be pushing Nolans name as much as Snyders on all the TV spots. Don't worry though surely people aren't dense enough to figure it out when the first credit on the screen is 'Directed by Zack Snyder'. Besides my hope is in seven years time instead of this Watchmen and 300 thing anything Snyder will do will say '... by Zack Snyder, Director of the Man of Steel Trilogy'.

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