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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
It depends on what your definition of it is. In all 3 movies, Batman got handled, something I didn't like. But when people say that he hasn't had a ''physical threat'', that isn't accurate.

I understand where you guys are coming from in terms of ''looks'' or what you know about the villans, but to dismiss Ra's Al Ghul as a ''physical threat'' is pretty ridiculous. But I guess it's been a pet peeve of mine that people are throwing around the term ''physical threat'' a little loosely. If Batman easily won every fight until Bane, I'd agree. But he didn't.
It's not a loose term at all, the facts of film one and two were Batman was never physically beaten. There's no denying that, he was challenged by Ra's and maybe Ra's could have beaten him but he didn't, The Joker challenged him psychologically but was never in any dangers of getting beaten in a fight with him, at no point throughout films one and two was Batman in any real personal danger from any of those characters physically. You can't base it all on assumptions that characters 'may' have beaten him, the truth is they simply didn't. So in that sense Bane actually was the physical threat Batman never encountered. Dismissing Ra's is not ridiculous, it's the truth, Bruce became his superior. With Bane the odds were always even, probably even leaning toward the villain.

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