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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

I need to see a trailer first.

I have a tad ambivalence about Bryan considering this string of weak films he's been making lately. But the X-Franchise will be a return to familiar territory that he's actually hungry for and I believe we are going to get a strong film out of him and a return to form. FOX is awesome at marketing so I'm not worried about that--just hoping the posters aren't utter crap like I've been seeing from the Wolverine film, etc. The photo-shop jobs for First Class were also abominations. I mean...what the hell happened to the people who did the posters for X3?

Once the trailer drops I'll be able to really answer this question because it's the trailer that will cinch it for audiences. Even though X3 wasn't the best film, the trailers were PHENOM. And that's why it performed so well at theaters.

Traditionally, X-Men films haven't had good legs after the opening weekends, so much will also have to do with how strong the storyline is and the word-of-mouth. If either (or both) are poor, expect this to be a very front-loaded seller.

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