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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
The thing about having Redford as 616 Fury is that, to look comic accurate, he'd have to dye his hair partly brown and partly white, and i'd rather Redford just keeps his normal hair. More importantly, he'd have to also wear an eyepatch. Now maybe they've explained it in the comics, but where there's no time in the movie, i think the audience would find it a bit silly that both father and son wear one.

I don't think their different nationalities is too difficult to explain though, as isn't there something similar in the show Covert Affairs with a white father and indian son?

But personally i just don't want Redford and SLJ to have that relationship in the film.
Redford wouldn't have to dye his hair too much, if at all. He's already got the white streaks going on naturally. Maybe go a darker shade for his top hair, though.

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