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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
Why is the mask a bad idea? If the sole reason is because it reminds you of Franco, that just wont cut it. I think it looks good and it makes complete sense considering WS's identity will be kept secret for a while.

I would hate for them to use just a domino mask and go the Green Lantern or Superman route where the supporting characters pretend to be blind or are just too ****ing stupid to recognize the heroes. Cap and Bucky have been friends forever. Some long hair and a domino mask isn't going to fool him. Majority of Bucky's face needs to be covered, and if you have a better idea as to go about doing that, i'm all ears.

It does make sense for the story, I'm not disputing that fact. It just reminds me of New Goblin. It's not this movie's fault, it's SM3's fault for putting that s**t on him in the first place, when it didn't fit.

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