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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
The severity of the knee injury is kind of sketchy. I mean, if it were that bad Bruce wouldn't have been able to repel down several stories to get to Gordon's room when he was at the hospital. This was all before he got the brace too.

Ultimately, I view the whole knee injury as more of a metaphor for Bruce's mental state. It was more mind over matter. I even think Bruce kind of over sells his injury at times, like when he's getting out of his car at the masquerade ball. Then when he's inside talking to Talia and even Selina he's got his game face on.

But yeah, it seems like they were throwing around the idea of Bruce having the brace on the outside of the suit. Thank God they didn't go through with it.
As I've written before on this forum, I personally don't think they should have done anything with the knee injury. They should have left it injured and not given him some magical knee brace(that you never even see after it's introduced anyway). Have him with a limp constantly. When he's in private, have Bale sell it REALLY bad. When he's in public as Bruce Wayne, he acts like it's less severe(plus he has a cane). And when he's doing Batman type things, have no limp at all. And this is to show that he pushes the pain aside when he has to and so he doesn't show weakness. But the audience will know how much pain he's going through and that he is masking it. Maybe have a scene where he gets done destroying a bunch of thugs, but as soon as he makes his exit and turns the corner, he hunches/grimaces in severe pain. That would really get the point across.

And it also makes him a less effective fighter. During the Bane fight it would be very apparent. The fight starts off slightly in Bane's favor but still fairly even. But as the fight drags on, and as Batman is getting beat down, he starts losing his composure. He's wobbly from getting hit, out of breathe, and limping like he can barely walk. It just makes more sense as to why Batman got beat down they way he did, aside from not fighting for almost a decade. Without the use of his leg he is less agile to avoid Bane's strikes, and he can't load up on his own punches either. This is why Batman has lost a lot of punching power and why Bane is eating his shots no problem in addition to the numbing gas.

In Nolan's realistic world, this just makes so much more sense than that magic knee brace.

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