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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Know One View Post
Hello gang,

Smallville was five minutes of Superman and 4 seasons of Green Arrow. Ok - that was bad.

Up to season 3 - Smallville could've "kinda" been branched as a sequel to the Christopher Reeve movies. Then it began something else with everyone in the entire World knowing about Clark (Lana, Pete, Chloe, tons of stranges, JLA, Lex at some point, ect...). Then, it became something else for a third time again when we had guests over guests (Martian Manhunter, LSH (which was wonderful), JSA and I forget). And it seemed that Clark Kent didn't have so much to say anymore and he was a guest in his own show... Lana love story shouldn't have lasted that long and Lois' one was too corny to be "real" even in comic book's eyeview.
Don't get me wrong - I bought all ten seasons, got the 3 official cds (yup - 3rd one from Lalaland - wonderful score tracks). Got all magazines but gave the figures to a friend at work who was in love with the show. I even got the spaceship/cave key prop.

"Ryan" was probably to me the most beautiful and fabulous show of Smallville and of any tv show. It demonstrated so many things. How Clark was kind and VULNERABLE, yes, vulnerable when at the end he's alone at the hospital with comic books...

Worst show ever - I'm sorry - I forget the title here was when Clark & Lana "have" a baby who groes older every hour or so. This was an old plot from Space 1999 and also from Star Trek tng (Deanna Troi, anyone?) and probably other sci-fi shows...


Know One.

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