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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man General Discussion - - - - - - Part 25

I see a flaw in your logic Rise-! I think it's a well known fact that people are born totally responsible and perfect from the get go.

Sarcasm aside, Peter learned alot while not becoming perfect (which he isn't in the comics either). He realised that it's his job to take on the Lizard, because he felt it's his responsibility to stop him. He says that before the dinner with the Stacys if I remember correctly (at the football scene). Later on he also learns that he should help people and not only do things that's directly connected to himself (the dinner and bridge scene).

Him breaking the promise is him (and Gwen as she basically asked for him to break it) acting out of love and not wanting to sacrifice that love because a dying man didn't want them to be together.

Also, you have to realise that Peter can't see into the future. We already know the consequences of this, which is why we shout foul at Peter.

In the comics, Peter was with Gwen while being Spider-Man. He also was with MJ while being Spider-Man. He knows the risks there as well. What's the difference here?

Thanks in advance to people who read whole posts.

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