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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

I don't think it looks exactly like new goblin. WS mask is made of fabric and has separate goggles, while new goblins mask is more of a paintball/Army of Two type plastic mask.

Also new Goblin's facemask is not the thing that hurt Spiderman 3.

And why would you want Bucky to look like an actual soldier/assassin. It's still a comic book movie. I would think we would be glad that they kept some elements from the comics but now I see that we just cannot be pleased.

A dominomask being cheesy and not hiding the face enough. A full mask being not Winter Soldier-y enough. I think this is a nice middleground, Spiderman 3 be damned. I'm sure if I ask my girlfriend what she thought of new goblins mask in Spiderman 3 she'll say: "Who ?" That's how much normal people remember of that movie and New Goblin.

In other words, New Goblin and Spiderman 3 have not made such a mask his signature thing. New Goblin didn't OWN the wearing of such a mask like Bucky potentially could.

Or like...


Why you think he did I will probably never know.

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