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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
A Russian black ops would also wear a toboggan or helmet of some kind; not let their long shiny mane fly wild and free like frickin' Spetsnaz Fabio. Sorry, but the concept art in its present form looks totally, well, non-heterosexual, and the colors are far too reminiscent of the godawful New Goblin.

Hopefully, they'll give his balaclava and goggles a non-greenish color, and do something to wrap that hair up when he's on a mission.
I see the similarity between the two, obviously
But they are not at all exactly the same like you're saying
There's no green at all in WS's mask, and it also has more of a kevlar look to it as opposed to the plastic/carbon fiber nonsense on Franco
and like others have said, I blame SM3 for putting Harry in something completely out of character, i don't blame CA2 for going with something that makes some sense for Bucky

and ya may also wanna watch that "non-hetero" comment, probably the quickest route to an infraction 'round here

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