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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

I really think that, although it'll be a real journey and personal struggle getting to that point, Tommy is on the path to being a baddie. We've seen him being a genuinely good guy, but I feel that his behavior sometimes is a foreshadowing to what he may ultimately become later. Obviously he and Oliver will have a scuff or two over Laurel, that's been obvious from the start. (And let me remind how he freaked out over the double-date dinner between him/laurel and Oliver/Helena, and how he was so upset about Laurel being involved with the Hood, with his reasoning involving a fear that she is "infatuated" and "goes for the bad guys"... that will come into play later!) But there will be an even greater reason to be at odds with Oliver and it will come from Malcolm. All he needs is to feel alone, misunderstood, even betrayed by his best friend, and mix that with some kind of revenge factor involving his dad and you have the perfect storm. He already shows that he is upset about Oliver not being upfront and truthful about being the Hood, or even what happened on the island. He's also upset about the fact that Oliver suspected him of being involved with the vertigo stuff in last night's episode. Now that he's quit being GM of the nightclub, and has asked his father for a job, we are looking at the point where Tommy and Oliver might begin to start growing apart for good.

My main question is, will Tommy learn about the Queen's Gambit, the Undertaking, and all of the nefarious things that Malcolm has been up to for the past several years? My honest thought is that, if Tommy learned about the fact that his father had something to do with Robert's death, Oliver's absence for 5 years and Walter's disappearance, he won't side with Malcolm, and won't have adequate reason to become a villain.
But if Malcolm doesn't reveal that, or if someone else doesn't, then the potential is there.

Anyway, I'm really excited for what's to come. This last episode was fantastic.

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