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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

Now that he's quit being GM of the nightclub, and has asked his father for a job, we are looking at the point where Tommy and Oliver might begin to start growing apart for good.
Okay, I like Tommy, but I snickered a little when he did that. When he was quit, I was like "you don't exactly have a lot of work experience Tommy" and then he went to Dad - guess he didn't have too much self-respect to ask Daddy for a job. Actually, that entire scene (with Malcolm) came off a little odd to me. Tommy wasn't speaking/acting quite like I expected. Did he say his father said the nightclub thing wouldn't work out - and if so, did we see Malcolm say that?

My honest thought is that, if Tommy learned about the fact that his father had something to do with Robert's death, Oliver's absence for 5 years and Walter's disappearance, he won't side with Malcolm, and won't have adequate reason to become a villain.
I tend to agree. Malcolm could try to write off Robert's death as unfortunate necessity, sell it that Robert was no better than himself - a "greater good" type of thing. Tommy might possibly buy that (even though he cared about Robert), and the greater good line is the same one Oliver is using. However, what about the hostage situation? I can't recall how much the public knew about it and it being another archer. If he knows his father took completely innocent people hostage, that's going to be a much harder sell with him. I mean, he's having issues with Oliver murdering criminals, so Malcolm planning to kill thousands of innocents, and having (presumably) killed the innocent children of those that betrayed him is not something I can see Tommy accepting (at this time, I mean). Leaving out Goblin serum or some other crazy-making process, it seems to me that for Tommy to go bad, he's going to have to learn about Malcolm's plans a bit at a time instead of all at once. So he accepts one unpleasant bit and that makes more likely to accept the next, whereas if it was dumped on him all at once, he'd reject it. But maybe not.

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