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Default Re: The North Korean Situation II

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
That is certainly cause for alarm....also, as we all know (the fact that Bush had to write a special letter to the President of China in order to get our people out of China when their reconnaissance plane crashed back in 2000 so China could save face to the world...) tells us how much "saving face" means to these guys. So the fact that the "boy wonder" is shooting his mouth off all over the place, means he is at some point going to have to back it up in order to "save face"....I'm a little worried "when" and "how" he plans on doing that...
Very good observation, but in Chinese (and other Asian cultures) "saving face" is just "spin" by any other name. For example, if the 6 regional powers in that area managed to work out some complex deal, with the salient points being NK renews the cease fire, backs off its nuclear deal and gets some food aid, then Kim Jong Un can go back to his parade and wave at his people and say "Dear Leader stood strong in tough negotiations with corrupt Western powers and come back with prosperous tidings for the loyal people of our nation" or whatever.

Just like if unemployment in the USA goes from 7% to 8% in one month, Obama can say it's an encouraging sign that more people are off the sidelines and back into the employment-seeking market. Same general principle, just in a more extreme way.

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