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Default Re: The North Korean Situation II

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
This is what happens when you let Dennis Rodman travel places. He spends a few days in North Korea and a few weeks later they want to nuke his country of origin
That reminds me of a crazy story I heard years ago on NPR. I can't remember who it was, but a US diplomat or official of some sort who met with Kruschev in the 60's got along with him really well. Before they parted, Kruschev asked him where he was from and he said "St Paul, Minnesota" (actually I can't recall the exact city, but for the sake of the story...). So Kruschev pulled out a giant map and put a red dot over St Paul. He then said "okay, when we nuke your country, I will remember to spare St Paul."

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Look for reports of mysterious heroism in the next 6 years. Then check back on this thread

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