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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
John Blake isn't any of the Robins from the comics, therefore he isn't Robin.
If Nolan created a character named Jason Stevens in Batman Begins, without anyone named Bruce Wayne, and he had some of the characteristics of Batman, and at the end of Batman Begins some lady revealed that Jason Steven's real name was Batman, does that make him Batman to you too?
Batman isn't just one specific man, Batman is an ideal. Bruce Wayne isn't the only guy who's gone by that name; Jean-Paul, Dick Grayson, Terry McGuiness, and Damian Wayne have all been Batman at some point. They all acted as Batman and stood for what Batman stands for. John Blake is a young, orphaned crime fighter who inspires Batman and helps Batman save the day. Batman trusts him as a partner and as someone to take his place if he should ever cease being Batman. That is Robin. His status as a movie character differentiating from the comic book characters is irrelevant. He is an equal member of the Batman Family mythos. John Blake is Robin.

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