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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

People make Grown Ups hits and other movies hit here like Twilight and other films. So safe to assume reasonable processing of thought may not be in full capability and capacity, reason of Tron bombing so badly was dumb choice of color scheme. Peoples reject thiese things... REmember overall audience intelligent ok but most can also be judgemental and confuze over what may appear to be simple but really big thing deals ok. Try to get. Try to know. Cater to audience. Now using similar or same color palettes does not whet appetite, Blue with Blue on Tron happened and it was rejected, very same reason for Captain America costume made so much fun of in Avenger despite movie being hit. Members in viewing public DISCERN that this is copy or poor inspiration from other prior work without any CREDITING of prior film work (Tron should have credit to Avatar, Avenger should have credit to AVatar simple, then audience will appreciate more).

Jose (or Jorge as known in inner circles) Kosinski now wise with Oblivion. Choose BIG BIG STAR in terms of Tom Cruise, immediately distinguishes film, and WHITE color palate... no stupid blue copying or neon dark blue. He makes film look so visually unique, Beautiful desolation as he say, everything WHITE, CRYSTAL, NEW FRESH against desolate backdrop... Something that CATCHES EYE in audience EYE that makes one go to see film. FRESH new LOOK that's absolutely key.

Now why introduce character that has EXACT same costume even with some of you as you say horse face (he's not a horse, he's an alien... why would they have Horse in Thor costume and make up, SHEESH). IT will so so silly to see Thor with unique viking like red cape costume and horse-man Beta Ray bill WITH EXACT Same costume fighting alongside. No fun, no uniqueness, just double role... stupid and CONFUSING (Multiplicity with 8 Michael Keaton, why no one watch? Stupid cuz all the same actor walking all around, NEED FRESHNESS, You HAVE to put in time to develop NEW LOOK, not have same actor or same looking going around).

This is clear cut case if they introduce Horse Ray Bill that people WILL EASILY confuse. Red capes both flying around with long distance CGI shots, who is hitting who? Which one is hitting on Malakeith? Can't make out unless you clearly see up close which is stupid then you can't see action shot of hammer striking Dark Elves or Malakeith. Why even introduce characters that look the same

Reason for EXACT same dumb idea of putting in BIzarro into Superman, No one want to see this as one wants to see FRESH NEW LOOKING DIFFERENT characters... not just same, it's copying, and totally confusing. Audiences will confuse both and just reject outright...

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