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Default Re: Spidey Suits & Suit Creation methods. - Part 1

Hey guys, I'm trying to make a Spidey costume myself. I am hopeful for a seven piece suit, but I am also open to two or three. There are a few things I'm going to specify...

My budget is not large. The highest I'll go is 150, but preferably 80-90 bucks.
I am going for a more classic look. John Romita style, to be specific.
I am not an newbie at costume making, (I made a Spider-Man Noir costume) but I've still always had trouble with cloth costumes.
I have a little sewing experience, (not much) and I have access to a sewing machine.
Mostly advice I'm looking for boils down to two subjects: how does one make white eyes that one can see through, and where does one get spandex that comes in seven (ish) pieces?

EDIT: You people reading this, respond! Say something...

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