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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

The funny thing is I thought it made sense in a way that Bane punches through the pillar AFTER Batman breaks the mask. He's like a wild animal at that point, completely unhinged and in some ways, even more dangerous.

He's not weaker without the mask, he goes into more of a berserker mode, but he's also sloppier. Batman won because he kept his composure and was more calculating in the second fight. As opposed to him just being weaker after Batman severs a venom tube.

It's all a matter of taste, but I thought movie Bane was an improvement and had more layers to him thematically. I've already had that debate with other posters though and don't feel like rehashing it.

Shikaramaru, I respect your opinions, but we see TDKR so differently I don't even know where to start. Frankly I'm a bit exhausted from debating this film. No matter how many paragraphs either of us throw at it, no minds are getting changed between the two of us. I think Bruce picked the perfect time to retire. Gotham needs to rebuild, rebuilding on its own will help strengthen it from within. Kinda like how New York bounced back after 9/11, but on a much larger scale. I think the whole point is it's now up to Blake. Bruce doesn't know or not whether he'll want to be a vigilante. It's up to Gotham AND Blake whether there will be a need for a new protector again. But he needed someone to entrust the Batcave to, otherwise it'd be lost forever. It's more of an insurance policy. He also didn't know Blake would be quitting the force when he made out his will. I also think people have grossly oversimplified the "lying is bad, mmmk" message. Lying is a part of life. Everyone does it, and it's not going away any time soon. I don't even think TDKR definitely tries to state that Batman and Gordon did the wrong thing in TDK. We're given Gordon's point of view, and he doesn't seem to entirely regret it. He still believed in the reasons they did it for. The difference is, at least this time Gotham is not left worshiping a false idol. The true hero (of both TDK and TDKR) has now finally earned his rightful place in the hearts of Gothamites. The debate just spins on and on.

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