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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
He never said a Black Widow solo was in the works in that interview, he said he wouldn't mind there being a solo film but because they're only doing two a year there's just not enough space for her. He specifically said Inhumans was in the works and was going to happen. Did not say anything of that sort with Widow.

I don't really understand this hang up on having Panther and Ms. Marvel movies. Do they actually serve anymore of a purpose than Inhumans? Not really, it just depends on where Marvel is taking the story. The Inhumans is something completely different than what Marvel has done before, which is what Feige has said he looks for in making new films, and is an interesting enough concept to fast track to a film. BP and Ms. Marvel are not only more in line with standard stories they've done but it's hard to really pitch their concepts.

Not saying Marvel couldn't do a good job on it or won't, just saying if it's Inhumans or them, the Inhumans are a more attractive property for film right now, especially if GotG takes off. And no, just because BP and Ms. Marvel are more well known and popular characters in comic book circles doesn't mean they would make more sense to Marvel Studios to make movies out of.
We're hung up on Black Panther and Ms Marvel films because it lends diversity to the universe. An African man who happens to be king of the most technologically and scientifically and mystically advanced country in the world is pretty different than what they've been putting out. And simply having a female hero who has actual super powers is definitely different than everything in the MCU as of now. I understand the whole putting out properties that fit with what's going on in the MCU at the moment is smart but they should at least diversify the MCU on principle.
The fact that they are tooting this as a whole universe makes it even more important to do this. Eventually people are going to start wondering... "do only white males become superheros in the Marvel universe?"

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