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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

That is not at all my logic. :/

First of all, that quote spideymouse used doesn't knock anything I said, it's exactly what I said. He's not against a solo Black Widow film, but because of the tight schedule, it's difficult to make one right now as opposed to just having her in other films. Whereas with Inhumans, not only did he say it's in the works, but he mentioned it in the same breath with two properties we now know are getting films, and he brought all of them up on his own without being asked. That's a lot more concrete and suggestive than him just saying "I think" we're headed in both directions but it's difficult with the schedule. He made it sound like Inhumans, Guardians, and Doctor Strange were all sure things, while he peppered his BW statements and wouldn't have even mentioned her with a movie if he had not been asked. Basically, a solo BW movie is not high on the priority list, while Inhumans are.

Next, your statement that BW being in the AA cartoon is somehow paramount to the Inhumans getting a vastly increased role in the comics after decades of obscurity...that's pretty silly. :/

Finally, again, I am not a stickler for it being in phase 3, my only contention is that I'm 100% positive the film will happen. But, all I'm saying is that given the timing of everything, it's apparent that it's happening in the very near future, and the near future would be phase 3.

I didn't mean for my post to come off as me saying it being in phase 3 is fact, just that it happening is pretty close to fact, and the timing of the upcoming pimping in the comics makes it seem like phase 3 would be the wouldn't make sense for Marvel editorial to start pimping out Inhumans now, in 2013, if it weren't going to be coming out before A3.

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