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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Fitting Luke Cage's (simple) comic origin into the Marvel movie universe by having the experiment that creates him be part of some already introduced tech/experiments (easiest to me , the Super Soldier Serum the Governments and terrorists continue to experiment with). Cage's past as a former gang member turned cop, who is then set up and sent to prison (possibly death row) and the prison is run by AIM or even Hydra to experiment on the inmates with their own super soldier serum would be the easiest way to go while having it fit perfectly into the Marvel movie universe and without over complicating things with lots of extras or over explaining that the original Hulk movie had.
And the question of why they would use criminals, because their are too afraid to use their own soldiers and kill them off but who would miss criminals? And what if they became as strong as Captain America? First, criminals are a scared and cowardly lot, easily corrupted. They could pay them off, get them to join. Or kill them, Cap wasn't made bullet proof. Him becoming bullet proof like the Hulk wouldn't be expected. the Hulk was an animally.

I'd also introduce Luke Cage and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire as a 15 min short that Marvel said they planned to do before each Marvel film. No real intros or origins, just show a short story about them and demonstrating their powers. Could even recast them/alter their costumes when they actually have movies.
the 15 Min short would allow Marvel to toy around with what characters they want to introduce.
Maybe Deathlock would test well, maybe Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel would be a audience favorite. It would help fast track some into their own films/franchises.

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