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Default Re: Iron Man 3 Press Tour Thread

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Hopefully the Moscow premier on the 9th goes better than it did last year for the Avengers. I heard they had a pretty bad experience with the Russian press last April.
Heard about that as well, guessing that's why they're not having a proper premiere here as opposed to Avengers. As for the 9th, it won't really be a premiere, just screening 20 minutes of footage from the film.

Press conference is scheduled the next day and that's when RDJ/Ben Kingsley are officially due to come but maybe they will arrive a day early for the "preview" invite for the preview on the 9th does say "expect a special surprise from Marvel"...

UPDATE: Can someone please confirm whether the "premiere" in Seoul was a premiere (full screening of the film) or just a 20-min preview like Moscow is due to get next week/London got last week?

UPDATE 2: Just got confirmation that Seoul got a 20-min preview.

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