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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

I prefer Redford to be someone who encountered Winter Soldier back in his prime, and although he's head of SHIELD now, is brought in because of his experience in dealing with him. Or perhaps he takes a personal interest in this because he's been hunting WS with an obsession like Moby Dick all these years. That's perhaps the only reason he gets involved whereas he normally wouldn't.

Would be cool if his obsession spurs him on to take over the case from Fury because he outranks him, and then clashes with Fury and Cap because of this. Maybe Fury is more detached emotionally, but Redford is personally involved. In the end though, maybe Redford could realise that he has to step aside for the best interests of the case and allow Cap to do his job and to let Fury take the lead.

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