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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
My ideal introduction for Ms. Marvel would be through the SHIELD TV series if it gets picked up for a full season. Carol Danvers could have a 2, maybe 3, appearances on the show and then possibly a supporting role in GOTG, where she may be involved in an accident that gives her powers.
It's your opinion, but I don't see how this works.

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Shouldn't the Kree be established before an Inhumans movie too? If anything, a Captain/Ms. Marvel movie establishing the existence of the Kree (and Skrulls) would do just that--admittedly, it would work vice-versa as well--and it would also be one of those epic space adventures you'd rather get.

As for involving Wakanda in a story, you just have to say the word vibranium and you're about one step away from introducing that part of the world. Oh yeah, they already did say vibranium.
Captain/Ms. Marvel are more Earth-based though. And you're right, a Captain Marvel movie could establish the Kree, but I'd rather an Inhumans movie do it because they wouldn't go into as deeply and the concept behind them interests me more. Captain Marvel feels like a second act with the Kree, going deeper into how the empire works, rather than introducing them.

And yeah, but like I said, we're pretty far from that area of Marvel right now. And like you said, they've already brought up Vibranium, but it's not like it's led to anything, so that's counterintuitive to your argument. Black Panther would have to have a specific reason to associate himself with the Avengers, and to do that you'd have to put his country in danger, and most of the time his country is in danger because of their Vibranium stores, and the primary villains who would mess with the Vibranuim is AIM. So, until we get to the point where AIM is a major factor in an Avengers movie, which would require an Earth-based villain, I don't see BP being used.

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